Junge Tafel am Montag in der Ausgabestelle Kolberger Platz

Social justice, climate protection and food rescue

This is the motto of Tafel Deutschland, which increasingly coincides with the identity of many adolescents and young adults in Germany. That's why we exist, the Junge Tafel Lübeck.

As part of the Tafel Jugend Deutschland, we network the young volunteers for the Tafel nationwide, are breaking new ground together and are the voice of helpers under the age of 35. Like all Tafel activists, they also save food, help people affected by poverty and at the same time do something for climate protection. During the course of a project, we want to build a new food bank distribution point and, through targeted redirection of customer flows, reduce the load on the other distribution points, minimize confrontations and thereby distribute food to customers more efficiently.

We know that the needs are great and that we cannot handle everything alone. We would therefore like to warmly invite you to take part in our project and to support us in setting up and operating the dispensary run by “JuTa Lübeck”.

Alexander Osiik
Head of the Junge Tafel Lübeck and the new Tafel distribution point