What is the Tafel all about?

The strength of a society is reflected in its weakest members. The reasons for “weakness” are not individual, but rather systematic: in authoritarian systems, oppression and deprivation of rights are often the main reason for disadvantage. Democratic systems strive to be balanced here and yet they cannot avoid disadvantages for less privileged people. As nice as it would be if not only equal opportunities, but more equality were systematically created for life as a whole, that is difficult to achieve.

How does help come about?

Empathy or compassion can counteract social and societal injustice, but real help cannot be improvised. It needs a clear commitment to the task and the same organizational structures that every functioning company needs. The Tafel in Germany are an association that takes care of the disadvantaged. We don't ask why. Instead, we bring together those who can give something and those who need something - collect from some, give from others. We do this according to a strict structural functional principle in which many people are involved. The special thing about these people is that they do this work voluntarily and unpaid - either during their free time alongside their work or after a long working life as an alternative to retirement.

What drives us?

If we had one wish, it would be to no longer be needed. As long as our world has not reached this perfection, we are grateful for every employee and the numerous donors because they help us to help needy people and entire families throughout the week.

So what exactly does our help look like?

TAFEL Lübeck is a registered and independent association that is exclusively dedicated to charitable and social purposes. Every day we collect food from generous partners such as supermarkets, bakeries and manufacturers in Lübeck and the surrounding area that is still usable but can no longer be sold. Our dedicated team of drivers uses five Tafel vehicles to ensure that this food is distributed to people and families in need on the same day. The distribution takes place in 4 distribution points throughout Lübeck as well as directly to various social institutions such as the Salvation Army and the Drug Aid Lübeck. The AStA Lübeck also receives food once a week for students in need.

For our customers we also offer lunch every Thursday in the Friedenskirche - the table round. Here we serve a complete lunch with starter, main course, dessert and mineral water.

A few comments are important to us:
TAFEL Lübeck e.V. is a social association founded by private individuals that works on a voluntary basis. We would like to emphasize that there is no fixed entitlement to support from Tafel Lübeck. Since we primarily distribute donated food, our offerings vary from week to week. Please understand that we can only pass on what has been made available to us by generous donors. Our food donations are a private gesture, independent of state social benefits.

Tafel Lübeck is also proud to be a member of the federal association Tafel Deutschland e.V.  and to be guided by the common table principles, which are binding for all food banks in Germany.