TAFEL   Lübeck

Die Tafel für Lübeck und Umgebung

Tafel distribution points in Lübeck

Which issuing office is the right one?

Tafel Lübeck e.V. distributes the donated food in various parts of the city. Please only visit the distribution point closest to your place of residence. In the case of justified exceptions, please contact the management of your issuing office.

What are the requirements for the visit?

You need a valid, unexpired receipt to prove your need. This can be, for example, an ALG II notice or a letter from the social welfare office.
You must present this proof when you first visit your issuing office. Please also note the special opening times for new registrations. You will then receive a confirmation for the period of validity of your proof, with which you can then regularly come to your food bank issuing point.
Please note: You can only register for one issuing point. Which one that is depends on where you live. Please refrain from visiting other dispensaries!

How much does the visit cost?

We ask for a contribution of €2 per adult visitor. This contribution serves to offset organizational expenses