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Poverty & Migration

Every visitor to our distribution points and our round table is in a stressful situation. Some have fled war zones, e.g. from Russian aggression, others have gotten into difficulties due to illness or other fates.

In our distribution points we see friendly and grateful people who would like to come to us and wish they didn't have to do that.

No one comes voluntarily

Our society has a lot to achieve. Tolerance between cultures, between income classes and between generations. All of this comes together in our dispensaries. And it succeeds, even though all of our clients are in a special situation. It succeeds because our employees work with a lot of empathy, it succeeds because people who suffer with one another tend to show solidarity. But it takes all of us to get along. It takes our mutual respect and our active acceptance of living together.

Hands out

Poverty is not to blame. Escape is not to blame. But both make life unimaginably difficult. Our society can achieve a lot if we do it together. Our wish to every member of our society is: let us not shake fists, but join hands. Let's build relationships, not tear them apart.