Employees, supporters, donors and friends


Over 300 people in Lübeck work on a voluntary basis for Tafel Lübeck. They are indispensable, the backbone of the table or, if you want to describe it exactly, simply wonderful.

You choose your area of application yourself. Many people head to our donors, the supermarkets, early in the morning. There they sort the food provided and prepare it for transport. Others drive in vans and deliver the donations to the distribution points or to the warehouse. Volunteers also work in the office. But most of them are on site at one of the distribution points and look after the food bank's clients with food distribution.


Suppliers are donors. More than 100 supermarkets, restaurants and others regularly, often daily or at least weekly, provide food or financial help and make a truly valuable contribution to the well-being of those in need.

Club members

Association members support the board with their contributions, which primarily support administrative tasks and investments.

Members pay an annual fee of at least €18. Greater support is possible voluntarily. However, members are important not only through their contribution to the table, but also through the strength of the group. With many members, the power that the table can develop also increases.

Apart from the annual fee, members have no obligations. If you would also like to become a member, simply fill out our application form.

Real Estate

We need space for storage and to distribute the food ourselves. We are supported by the Evangelical Lutheran parishes

  • St. Christophorus (Eichholz distribution point)
  • St. Lorenz (Travemünde distribution point)
  • The Trinity Church (Kücknitz distribution point)
  • the Evangelical Free Church Community of Lübeck Friedenskirche (lunch Täuferstrasse)