The Lübeck food bank goes digital. In cooperation with Tafel Deutschland and other food banks, we are taking part in the project: “Tafel makes the future — Together Digital". The three-year project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The Tafel Lübeck is offering three special editions of food for all Ukrainians who have recently arrived in Lübeck.

The Lübeck table is represented by many volunteers at the 2022 volunteer fair.

The Tafel Lübeck introduces itself when welcoming the first semester students at the University of Lübeck.

The drivers of Tafel Lübeck complete driving safety training in their own vans.

Table Germany accompanied us for a day on October 20, 2022 in the Thursday edition at Kolberger Platz.

This time, the “Help in Advent” 2022 campaign is campaigning for people who have a particularly difficult time in winter. The first donation of 2,500 euros for “food, clothing, warmth, light” comes from the Sparkasse zu Lübeck.

The business juniors collected money for Tafel Lübeck in the Campus Center in Lübeck with their “Buy one more” campaign.

The Travemünde Shanty Choir supported by the choirs “Just Sing” and “De TraveMünder” gave a concert to honor and support the work of the Tafel.

The famila department store Wesloe has carried out a fundraising campaign “Buy a little more” with Tafel Lübeck.

Donation handover at the Schiffergesellschaft.

We received a donation from Berding Beton.

We received a donation from the DIS AG network of the best.


At the end of January, Tafel Lübeck celebrates its 25th anniversary. Due to the Corona situation, we cannot celebrate, but every helper received a table cup.

The Schulstrasse location for warehouse, office and logistics is becoming too small. The club

The Lübeck food bank receives a new sprinter, financed with donations and support from Mercedes-Benz.

New rooms for the Lübeck Tafel. Commercial property in Butenhof offers plenty of space - volunteers are now being sought for the driving service.

The Tafel Lübeck has a new board: Chairman Uwe Escher, his representative Jörg Gronau, treasurer Lothar Frenz, board members Matthias Korehnke, Ingegärt Netz, Andreas Fink-Goldmann and Birgit Weber .

The Lübeck Ship Brokers and Ship Agents Association supports five associations with its plate collection. The Lübeck table is also there.

The Lübeck service club Round Table 29 collected for Tafel Lübeck.

15 business juniors collected 133 boxes of food in one day. With a donation from ALDI, the total weight was 2.9 tons.


The corona pandemic was a new challenge for all those active at Tafel Lübeck.

On March 14th, the board decided to stop all table activities with immediate effect. The distribution points were closed and there was only limited supplies for those in need. To protect health, from this point onwards board meetings were only held via telephone conference.

While the distribution points were closed, those in need were at least supplied with non-perishable food through four open air campaigns. A total of 2,000 bags filled with long-life food were distributed to our customers here.

When the dispensaries reopened, a whole range of activities were undertaken to meet the Corona hygiene regulations. E.g.:

  • Security service
  • Protective walls for AS Kolberger Platz, financial contribution from the city of Lübeck
  • Protective walls for AS Travemünde, sponsored by the Travemünde non-profit association
  • Protective walls for AS Eichholz and Kücknitz, paid for from a special fund from the federal association
  • Use of hygiene columns in all AS, paid for from donations sponsored by Rademacher and the Travemünde Non-Profit Association

Unfortunately, the Peace Church (Table Round) could not be reopened and will remain closed until further notice.

The first reopening of the distribution points took place at Kolberger Platz at the end of May. This was followed by the reopenings in Travemünde, Kücknitz and Eichholz.

The processes had been reorganized in all AS. This also included the protection of those active at the Tafel, most of whom belong to the risk group. Those in need also adhered to the new guidelines.

At the end of May we received 1 ton of long-life food from the Rewe special campaign.

The then chairman Achim Lamm resigned from his position as chairman on July 22nd. His role was temporarily taken over by deputy chairwoman Margot Bartsch.

Our new homepage was launched at the beginning of September. This was a significant improvement in the presentation of table work in Lübeck. This now also includes a new email address: It is: “”.

To complete our fleet, a new Mercedes Sprinter 314 was handed over to us in mid-September. Since the vehicle has a cooling function, the cold chain can be maintained even better for perishable foods. The purchase was made possible through large donations from a Lübeck foundation and a Lübeck company.

In the period from August 17th The LIDL campaign “Doing good together - donate goods to the food bank” ran until September 12, 2020.

The process was organized as follows:

  • Lidl customers select a donation card
  • Pay at the checkout
  • Lidl passes the item on to the food bank.

Our 12 year old electric pedestrian stacker was replaced with a new one in October.

From mid-October to 1st. On November 1, customers were able to buy table bags at REWE in the market for 5 euros each, which were filled with non-perishable food and drugstore items. We were allowed to pick up 1,000 bags and distribute them to our customers.

The planned general meetings on April 23rd and October 22nd were canceled due to the corona pandemic.

1,000 Santa Clauses were donated by a large Lübeck company for our customers' children.

The BUY 1 MORE campaign by the Economic Juniors on December 12th in the LUV Center at Edeka Martens brought us around 2 tons of non-perishable food and a large donation of money to buy food.

Despite the pandemic, the blood donation center/UKSH provided us with almost €1,000 this year. Our thanks go to all donors who not only donated their blood, but also additional money.


The most important thing first: the food bank was once again very generously supported - both in money and in kind - without which a functioning food bank would not be possible.

“A little more” campaign, organized by Ladies Circle Lübeck, in the spring of this year. in the LUV Center, brought 27 boxes filled with valuable food.

The “Buy one more item” campaign at Famila yielded 10 boxes of excellent food and €313 in cash.

1,000 Easter bunnies were donated to our customers' children by a company that did not wish to be named.

The regular general meeting took place at the end of April in the church administration building, Bäckerstrasse 3-5. The planned change in the statutes w/name change to “Tafel Lübeck e.V.” was passed with 2 votes against and one abstention. Birgit Weber was elected to the board to replace Norbert Wills.

The name change was entered in the association register of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck at the beginning of June; the costs for the name change amounting to €118.00 were covered in full by the federal association.

Also at the end of 04/19:  General meeting / regional association in Mölln, participants M. Bartsch & J. Lamm.

At the beginning of June, the board unanimously decided on the topic of “turn assistants” to equip our panel vehicles with an additional cavity mirror on the left and right; Costs around T€ 1.5 for the maximum possible security standard.

Mid-June, vehicle handover at Mercedes in Reinfeld. We received a new Sprinter to replace the old 90's.

The long-standing helpers and Tafel co-founders Frauke Rautenberg, Nanny Fauth and Inge Schade become honorary members of the TL.

In June, we had to complain about major damage in the office at Schulstrasse 8 after five water leaks in the premises rented by TL.

The young “Lions” organized a campaign for us in the Real market / university district under the motto “Buy a little more”, which gave us a lot of long-life food (150 kg).

Annual conference of Edeka-Nord-Region in the MUK. Tafel Lübeck was allowed to pick up the remains of 5.5 tons of the best food.

The “life” foundation gave 150 needy children two wonderful hours in the Roncalli circus in August.

Our helpers from VfB Lübeck received a gift: On the occasion of the 100th birthday on August 28th. (also Goethe's birthday!) 66 football enthusiasts were able to watch the game VfB Lübeck against VfL Wolfsburg II live on site for free, unfortunately from Lübeck's perspective with a disappointing outcome (1:2).

The TL will receive a earmarked donation from the Mackprang Foundation in the fall to renew the kitchen furniture at Kolberger Platz.

From 10/19 the following applies to the edition: 1 table - € per adult - previously 1 € per family / customer. This results in fairer treatment of our customers overall.

In mid-October 2019, the TL will submit an application to the road traffic authority to set up a temporary parking zone in front of our “Kolberger Platz” issuing point.

The TL would like to thank “round table” on behalf of those in need for € 1,716 for the fundraising campaign at the beginning of 12/19.

The traditional bag campaign “Filling plates together” took place at Rewe at the beginning of November. We were able to receive 1,200 bags of non-perishable goods.

The “Buy-1-more” campaign, initiated by the Economic Juniors of the IHK Lübeck at Edeka/LUV-Center shortly before Christmas, gave us a good 100 transport boxes full of long-life food with a total weight of a good 2 tons.

1,000 Santa Clauses were donated by a large Lübeck company for the children of those in need.

The collection campaign at Famila / Wesloe resulted in 30 full transport boxes and an amount of € 362.42 in the collection box.

A well-known Lübeck company supported us with a significant amount of money; The employees also contributed an additional amount of money!

The paid collaboration with “Nordfrost” was terminated at the end of this year. finished, the existing frozen food stocks were donated to the “Homeless Aid, Lübeck” association.

The blood donation center / UKSH provided us with almost €2 thousand this year. Our thanks go to the many donors who not only donated their blood, but also cash.

At the end of the year we received an extraordinary amount of cash from the Bluhme-Jebsen Foundation to support those in need.

In addition to the regular board meetings, there were two driving service meetings and ten office meetings with the management of our issuing offices.

The board would also like to take this opportunity to thank all other donors not named here for their generosity.


Generous donation from the Lübeck Ship Brokers and Ship Agents Association on the occasion of the annual ship brokers' dinner.

“A little more” organized by Ladies Circle Lübeck on March 17th at the Edeka market in LUV.

“Buy one more” – 25 years of the Tafel. From March 5th to 29th, customers at Lidl were able to buy an extra item for the food banks.

On March 11th The volunteer mass took place in St. Petri, at which the board was represented with a stand.

The blood donation center donated 754 euros to us in April.

1000 Easter bunnies were donated for our customers' children by a Lübeck company that does not want to be named.

On April 10th a vehicle exchange took place at Mercedes Benz. We got a new Sprinter for our old Ford Transit.

The ordinary general meeting took place on April 19, 2018 in the Diakonie building, Bäckerstrasse. Mr. Lamm was elected chairman and Ms. Bartsch as deputy. The board was reduced to 5 people.

90 years of TRAVE (real estate company)! On this occasion, on April 24th, 6 TRAVE employees distributed food at Kolberger Platz and distributed 90 bags of non-perishable food such as coffee, pasta, oil, etc. to our customers. And because the Trave employees liked their commitment so much, they helped on two more days Sorting and dispensing food.

The rental agreement for Kolberger Platz with the “Trave” was extended until the end of 2020.

The boys from the Leo Club Seven Towers collect food for us at Real not only during Advent, but more often throughout the year.

We won a voucher worth €500 in the Vergölst raffle in July.

Lübecker Tafel changes edition: From August 30th, food donations will now also be handed out on Thursdays in the Alte Wascherei at Kolberger Platz 1. For this purpose, the team of helpers at the Moisling dispensary moved from Friday to Thursday and are then available to customers from Moisling - every Thursday - at the usual time.

We received an excellent donation in kind from Erasco, a total of 32 pallets.

We received €647.48 from the blood donation center at UKSH at the beginning of September.

From September 21st The distribution point for Buntekuh was moved from Karavellenstrasse to Kolberger Platz 1 on Friday. This means that Kolberger Platz will become the “flagship” of the Lübecker Tafel.

Thanksgiving 2018, the New Apostolic Church in Lübeck collected food for the needy for the fifth time. 1 ton of wonderful food came together.

In October, the Tafel board decided to financially support the Autonomous Women's Shelter in Lübeck.

“Fill plates together” campaign by Rewe and the Nord supermarkets. Rewe and Supermarkets Nord Vertriebs GmbH presented the food banks in Schleswig[1]Holstein and Hamburg with a donation in the form of storable food worth €11,111.11. Two large semi-trailers deliver top quality goods to Rewe at Andersenring in Lübeck throughout the morning.

Mid-November renovation of our “headquarters”: The office will be equipped with new furniture and the latest technology as required; the painter painted everything white!

At the end of the year, the Lübecker Tafel received a large amount of cash from the Friedrich Blume + Else Jepsen Foundation to support those in need.

1000 Santa Clauses were donated by a large Lübeck company for the children of those in need.

We are now supporting the “Homeless Aid Lübeck e.V.” association, which is currently being founded, with food.

The Famila campaign “Buy a little more” in Wesloer Landstrasse brought us 7 shopping carts of great food and an additional amount of €109.00.

Round Table collected €1,400 for us at the Citti market.

We received €414.50 from the blood donation center in December.

The Edith von der Lippe Foundation gave us an amount of €10,000 on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

We were awarded almost €6,000 by the employees of the Lübeck company Nordoel, who raised this amount at a Christmas party under the motto “Casino Evening”, thank you very much for that!

A well-known Lübeck company supported us with a significant amount of money; The employees also contributed an additional amount of money!

Four driving service meetings took place during 2018.

As part of a “charity event”, the Creative Dance Studio, Lübeck, raised €300 for the Lübeck Tafel.

The company Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co. KG transferred us €1,842.04 as a donation shortly before Christmas.

This year there was a significant increase in exchanges with neighboring food banks.


The Moisling dispensary at Kolberger Platz 1 will be reopened on January 6th.

In the “Help in Advent” campaign, a total of 66,090 euros were donated to the Lübeck Tafel.

In February 2017, the blood donation center collected 574 euros for the Lübeck Tafel.

There has been a cooperation agreement with KulturTafel Lübeck since February 16, 2017.

The ordinary general meeting took place on March 23rd in the Diakonie building, Bäckerstrasse. Ms. Meier, treasurer, Ms. Bogus-Dose, Mr. Stüdemann and Mr. Faasch said goodbye to the board. Mr. Frenz was newly elected treasurer. Ms. Werner, Mr. Lamm, Mr. Wills and Mr. Hundt were newly elected to the board. Ms. Meier was made an honorary member of the general meeting.

Lions Lübeck Trave presented us with a check for €750.

The Kücknitz dispensary has had a new home in the Trinity Church since June 12, 2017. Start: June 12th. The move was organized on our own after work on May 29th.

In June, a new Sprinter 314, partly sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, was purchased.

The professional fire department donated a total of €1,600 to us at the end of July.

On September 19, 2017, the official vehicle handover of 2 new Sprinters took place at Mercedes Benz, Reinfeld, accompanied by the press (one vehicle, a Sprinter 314, was purchased on June 16), sponsored by the “Help in Advent” by the LN / Sparkasse zu Lübeck and the sponsorship of Mercedes Benz.

For the fourth time, the New Apostolic Church on the Old Town Island carried out a large food collection on the occasion of a harvest thanksgiving service. In order to collect this quantity of goods, it took the active cooperation of three food bank helpers and the addition of one of our Sprinter vehicles.

October: the blood donation center collected €720 for us.

On October 6th, our delayed summer party took place in the community center on Hofweg in Karlshof.

On October 12th we had to seek the professional help of a rat catcher. Several cute rodents, startled by extensive pipeline work in the immediate vicinity, became restless and began to flee. Since then it's been quiet!

At the end of November we received €2,500 from the Edith von der Lippe-Stief Foundation.

The NGG union donated €1,000 to us.

The Leos/Rotary's “Buy a little more” campaign in Citti and Real gave us around 400 kg of the best food.

In November, Rewe once again carried out the traditional bag campaign.

We received around 100 kg of the best goods from the Bodelwickelh Frauenkreis.

At the beginning of December, the women from the four service clubs, Inner Wheel Holstentor, Inner Wheel Lübeck, Liubice and Soroptimist, visited us and presented us with a check for €2,000.

On December 2nd, the youngest Rotarians collected food in the CITTI market, Herrenholz. The campaign once again had the motto “Buy one more item”. In this way, 10 boxes of the best durable goods were collected. On the same day, the LEO’s (Juniors of the Lübeck Lions) were active at Real in the university district. And under the same motto, we also diligently collected food for the LT. In total there were 30 boxes! All in all, around 400 kg of top shelf-stable food for those in need.

Senator Schindler presented on the occasion of the reopening on December 7th. At the Lidl store Schwartauer Landstrasse he demonstrated his talent as a cashier for about 20 minutes and earned €1,000 for us.

Round table gathered on December 9th. in Citti Park for us €1,450.

Mr. Oppermann from HSW Hanseatische Schutz- und Wachdienst GmbH invited everyone to a free warm meal for all hungry people on December 16th. from 11.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Kolberger Platz.

Mr. Holzer, branch manager of Deutsche Bank at Kohlmarkt, and Dr. Bergmann, a lawyer, presented us with a donation of €500.

At the end of December we received a significant donation from the Friedrich Bluhme and Else Jebsen Foundation Lübeck.

The Dreyer couple from Timmendorfer Strand transferred a large sum of money to us shortly before Christmas 2017.


On January 29, 2016 we received a donation of 2,000 euros from the “Inner Wheel Club Lübeck”.

Benefit concert for the Lübecker Tafel in the Church of St. Lorenz, Travemünde. 370 euros were collected in donations.

On February 9, 2016, Ms. Busse donated goods worth 2,077 euros to the Lübecker Tafel.

Ms. Dr. Christiane Klimek (chairwoman) and Ms. Susanne Steen came to the Tafel office on February 12, 2016 and symbolically handed over a donation of 1,000 euros from the Inner Wheel Club Lübeck Holstentor.

The volunteer service fair took place in St. Petri on February 21, 2016, at which the board was represented with a stand.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Lübecker Tafel, the founders met for a breakfast together on February 29, 2016.

On March 17, 2016, Mr. Thomas Werdin handed over a check for 1,300 euros to the Lübecker Tafel in the Hanse Residence.

Mr. Axel Weidner donated 1,095 euros.

The ordinary general meeting took place on April 28, 2016 in the Diakonie building, Bäckerstrasse.

The blood donation center collected almost 1,000 euros for the Lübeck Tafel between January and June.

The Lübecker Tafel received considerable donations from an inheritance.

The 50th anniversary of Lohi (Lohnsteuerhilfe Bayern e.V.) was held under the motto “Together for a good cause”. The Lübeck advice center collected 860 euros for us.

With a celebratory service on May 29, 2016, the Friedenskirche celebrated 20 years of the “Round Table” in the Friedenskirche and said goodbye to Mr. Lotter.

On August 6th, 2016 our summer party took place in the clubhouse of the Canoeing Association.

In August 2016, the blood donation center collected 426 euros for the Lübeck Tafel.

The rental agreement for our distribution point at Kolberger Platz has been extended until December 31, 2018.

On September 21, 2016, Cafe Lichtblick collected 500 euros for the Lübeck Tafel.

The blood donation center collected 522.40 euros for the Lübeck Tafel.

On November 26, 2016, a collection campaign “One more part” by the Rotaract Club in the Citti market resulted in 26 boxes, each containing 20 kg of food.

On December 3, 2016, a collection campaign “A little more” by the Lion Club in Real resulted in 46 boxes, each containing 20 kg of food.

On December 4th, 2016, the first check for help during Advent in the amount of 2,500 euros was handed over by the Sparkasse zu Lübeck.

We received a donation of 1,000 euros from the company Voigt Dentaltechnik.


On February 8th and 9th, 2015, a collection by Round-Table 29 in the Sky market in Stockelsdorf resulted in a donation of 1,700 euros.

On February 17, 2015, the Hanse-Residenz will donate 700 euros.

The ordinary general meeting took place on March 19, 2015 in the Diakonie building, Bäckerstrasse. Mr. Malner resigned from the board for health reasons. Ms. Bartsch was newly elected as first chairwoman and Mr. Frenz and Mr. Stüdemann as additional board members.

On April 17, 2015, G7 police officers donated 600 packed lunches to those in need.

On April 30, 2015, 6 choirs sang in the Aegidienkirche in aid of the Lübecker Tafel. Together with the concert in the fall, the Lübecker Tafel will receive a donation of 650 euros.

On May 13, 2015, the keys for the new downtown issuing point “Alte Wascherei”, Kolberger Platz 1, were handed over by Senator Schindler and Dr. Quickly from the Trave, opening times Tuesday and Wednesday.

Since July 15, 2015, the Schiffergesellschaft has been cooking for the big round table in the Friedenskirche every 6 weeks.

In July 2015, a new, used Sprinter was purchased, HL – LT 90.

Thanksgiving 2015 – for the third time the New Apostolic Church in Lübeck collected food for those in need. 2 tons of wonderful food came together.

The border sponsor, Mr. Niederhaus, from Timmendorfer Strand ran 1,104 km for us. In October 2015 he gave us a check for 1,104 euros.

In November 2015, Kiwanis donated 2 x 2,500 euros.

REWE's annual bag campaign for the Lübeck Tafel took place from November 2nd to 14th, 2015.

On November 26, 2015, the Lippe-Stief Foundation pleased us with a larger donation - 30,000 euros.

On December 12, 2015, the Lübeck Leo Club collected 7 towers “a part more” from Real.

Round Table 27 collected 5,000 euros in the CITTI market.

In the months of November to December 2015, the Lübeck blood donation center collected 572 euros for us.


The volunteer service fair took place in St. Petri on March 16, 2014, at which the board was represented with a stand.

The ordinary general meeting took place on March 18, 2014 in the Diakonie building, Bäckerstrasse. Miss Dr. Dummler and Dr. Götz left the board for reasons of age and Ms. Nibbe due to illness.

Newly elected were Ms. Sybille Bogus-Dose, Mr. Hans-Peter-Faasch and Mr. Bernd Wienicke.

Because of the large crowds in the city center distribution point, an attempt was made to open there two days a week, which, after initial difficulties, turned out to be very successful.

On April 28, 2014, we honored our employee, Ms. Ruth Junge, on her 80th birthday.

In June the board received new vehicles, the Mercedes Sprinter LT 40 and the Ford Transit LT 70.

In June 2014, 6 young employees from Google stepped up to actively help with the distribution. It was “love at first sight”: enthusiasm on both sides!

The digital registration on Google's charity page was a bit stressful - our computer experts from the office did their best!

On July 14, 2014, Ms. Kati Mette said goodbye to the Kücknitz dispensary after 17 years. Thanks Kati! The new director is Ms. Heidrun Salhoff.

In July 2014, the Marlesgrube dispensary had to be closed due to severe mold infestation. An emergency edition was offered on Wednesdays in Moisling at Andersenring 55-57.

On the occasion of “Handicraft Day”, Karstadt customers gave us a box with the most beautiful knitted items to combat the winter cold: Thank you very much!

Werner Beth celebrated his farewell after 18 years with breakfast in the Viennese café.

The association “In Via”, an international Catholic organization for women and girls, gave us warm knitted clothes.

On September 25, 2014, the first chairman, Uwe Matthiessen, announced his resignation.

On November 2nd, 2014, the “Rotaract” group collected food for the food bank at the CITTI market with great success!

The annual REWE bag campaign for the food bank took place from November 3rd to 15th, 2014.

Every year in November, Round Table 27 starts a collection campaign for the food bank together with the Kücknitz distribution point.

In November, as in previous years, 98 pairs of socks arrived from Ms. Meier from Gerlingen (Baden-Württemberg), colorful and in all sizes.

The Von der Lippe-Stief Foundation delighted us on November 27th. 2014 with a larger donation.

The board's work for months has focused on finding space for a distribution point that is as central as possible to replace the Marlesgrube.

The Travemünde Lions Club contributed a large donation to help finance the Christmas dinner for our guests in the Friedenskirche.

For St. Nicholas Day, Google employees collected 68 gift bags for children, which were delivered just in time for December 6th. were issued in Moisling and in Buntekuh.

The Kabs furniture store and Hof Thorn in Ivendorf collected money for the food bank.

The Book Pirates also donated a book voucher worth 15 euros to each “table child” this year.

Google: All employees donated an amount that  was doubled by the company management.

We would like to thank all donors.

Last but not least:

A young refugee came to a distribution point. Despite strenuous efforts, communication is not possible. The young man pulls a smartphone out of his pocket, types something, smiles brightly and says: “Grapes.”

Welcome to Germany.


The goods turnover falls slightly to 820 t; the number of “customers” increases to 895 families / week.

The annual general meeting elects Pastor Joachim Lipfert as first chairman in March. Lipfert is the successor to Konrad Steen, who died in November 2012.

In August, Pastor Lipfert will step down as chairman. The new first chairman will be Mr. Uwe Matthiessen at an extraordinary general meeting in November.

From August, food distribution in Buntekuh can take place again at the old location in the rooms of the Bugenhagen community.

New rooms are being sought for the Moisling dispensary. From November the edition will take place in the Andersenring.


The goods turnover increases to 837 t, but does not yet reach the level of 2010.

At the end of October, the Buntekuh dispensary has to be closed for structural reasons. Food distribution will be moved to the Marlesgrube. Around 1/3 of the “customers” from Buntekuh are lost. This is why the total number of families supported by the Tafel drops to 817 (December average).

The “Lübecker Nachrichten” and the Sparkasse zu Lübeck are conducting a “Help in Advent” fundraising campaign to benefit the food bank. The campaign met with great response from the newspaper's readers. By the end of December, over 57,000 euros will be donated to the food bank.

From the beginning of November to mid-December, the “Bücherpiraten e.V.” Lübeck an original collection campaign. They collect book vouchers for the children whose parents are supported by the food bank, which the children can exchange for children's or young adult books. A total of 615 book vouchers worth 15 euros each will be distributed to the children.


The annual amount collected and distributed fell for the first time, from 851 to 797 tons.

The number of families supported by the Tafel has increased slightly to an average of 860 families per week in Lübeck and Travemünde.

Two hotels are committed to the food bank.

The lunch table in the Friedenskirche will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in May.

The Tafel homepage is being revised.

The Tafel will buy a new refrigerated vehicle in September.


The amount of goods collected and distributed has increased again: to 851 t.

The number of families supported (excluding the new Travemünde distribution point) has not increased further.

Since March, the Tafel has had a 5th vehicle, a small delivery van, which is used for extra tours in Lübeck and for special trips (e.g. material procurement).

In June, the Tafel will open its 6th distribution point in the parish hall of the St. Lorenz community in Travemünde.

At the end of June, the distribution point in the August Hermann Francke School has to be closed because the Hanseatic city needs the rooms for the trade school. After a long search, new rooms are found in the city center. The board has to pay high rental costs for the rooms, and various construction projects would also have to be financed.


The number of families supported has remained unchanged: 810 families with 1738 people.

The quantity of goods increased by 12% to around 798 t.

There is a change in the management of the driving service. Gisela Holzerland, who has been responsible for personnel deployment planning since 1995, is handing over her tasks to Konrad Steen and Thomas Klenz.

At the end of August the food bank will receive a new “Sprinter” type transporter. The vehicle has a larger loading capacity than the other panel vehicles and is equipped with a hydraulic lifting platform.

Werner Beth, who has been with the food bank since 1997, will be awarded the Badge of Honor of the State of Schleswig-Holstein in December 2009 for his special services (warehouse management, organization of special deliveries, exchange of goods with other food banks).


The goods turnover increases to 712 t.

The number of families supported grows to 810 families.

In February Hannelore Nibbe is elected to the board. Gisela Chakravorti is leaving the board for health reasons.

There is a change in management at the Buntekuh, Kücknitz and AHF-Schule distribution points due to age.

The Buntekuh distribution point will be relocated to the premises of the Bugenhagen community in June.

In the warehouse, the old mechanical roller shutter, which is prone to repairs, is replaced by an electric roller shutter.

The revised homepage will be activated in December.